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Craft a Compelling College Essay

Getting ready to apply for college is an exciting process. After years of hard work, it’s time to look at which school has the strongest academic programs, the most appealing campus, and the best athletic programs. The choices can be overwhelming, but in the end, you’ll settle on a list of favorites. Now what?

Gaining acceptance into your college of choice is becoming an increasingly daunting task. While you’ve worked hard to maintain a high GPA and earn excellent SAT/ACT scores, so have the thousands of other students who would like to attend your first choice school. Those students are also very involved in extracurricular activities, just like you are. With all of these similarities, the college essay is your chance to show that you are unique and talented in a way that appeals to admissions officers.

A great essay does more than list accomplishments. It shows a part of your personality that is relatable and interesting. It showcases your personal development through experience. In only 650 words, your essay should make an admissions officer take notice and move your application to the YES pile.

My program will help you identify a compelling topic and structure your essay in a way that communicates as much as possible about you within the Common Application’s maximum word count.

I offer group classes and private instruction. Contact me to discuss which works for you!


Christina Neeley, M.Ed.